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Diisostearyl Malate

Diisostearyl Malate

  Product Name : Diisostearyl Malate
  CAS NO. : 67763-18-2
  Molecular formula:   C40H78O5
  Molar mass:     639.04432 g/mol
  A skin conditioning agent and emollient. This ingredient is predominantly used in lip products such as lipstick, and lip gloss, although it can also be found in cosmetics such as hair dye, eye shadow, sunscreen, eye liner, bronzer/highlighter and blush.
  Disaster Malate has reported used in the following product types: lip glosses; lipstick; hair color and bleaching; eye shadow; other products with spf; eye liner; bronzer/highlighter; lip liner; blush; lip balm.

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